5 Home Maintenance Things You Need to do This Weekend (or Soon!)

Mon,Oct 21, 2019

There is a chill in the air and perhaps you have already turned the heat on in your home. You’ll need a good shot of PSL to arm yourself to tackle this to-do list as we prepare for cooler (and soon freezing) weather.  

Bring in your outdoor patio furniture.

Bringing your patio furniture into a shed or garage will extend the life of your chairs, tables and umbrella and save it from extreme winds and piles of snow that can cause damage.

Don’t let your outside faucets freeze.

Drain all outdoor faucets and disconnect the hose. Store hoses in a dry place like a garage or shed to prevent cracking. Every outdoor faucet has a shut off valve inside your home, likely in the basement.  Remember to turn these valves off for the season. 

Protect tender shrubs and trees before hard frost hits.

Make sure to cover plants with anything like an old blanket, sheets and burlap sacks. Drape the fabric over the plant ensuring that the drapes to the ground. Don’t tie the cover to the trunk, otherwise the heat radiating up from the soil won’t be able to warm up your plant.

Fertilize and seed your lawn.

Prepping your lawn in the Fall is key to a great lawn in Spring. Aerate the lawn first to allow water and fertilizer to seep deeper into the grass bed. After aerating, over seed the turf. You can find Fall specific lawn food and fertilizers at garden centers.

To rake or not to rake.

A long time Fall tradition that many of us would rather skip or use as a good excuse to enjoy a hot cocoa after the work is done. Most people rake because all the neighbors are doing it, or because we believe that it will suffocate the grass. Unless you have mounds and mounds of leaves on your grass, leaving it wont cause any injury. But better yet, waiting until the leaves are dried and then running over the leaves with a lawn mower will leave you with a mulch that can help impede weed growth in the spring. So, go ahead and enjoy that hot cocoa anyway.