Wickerson Hills Model Home Grand Opening

Wed,May 02, 2018

You’re invited! Come by and visit our modern farmhouse model home on Sunday, May 5th at 1 P.M on Lot 2, Wickerson Rd. In a prime spot like Byron, a neighborhood proudly filled with fun activities for families and upscale professionals, our model home includes 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms with a finished basement.

Created and designed by the talented designer Jillian Summers, the model home represents how unique and cohesive a home can be with a family. With four spacious rooms, an en suite and three bathrooms, any family would love to live in a home like this. Jefferson Homes encourages future home owners to visit and walk around the model home since it gives you a distinct image of the actual space of the rooms as well as the atmosphere of the house. We want you to get the most out of the model home experience rather than just clicking through pictures.

Inside, our open-concept kitchen and living/dining areas gives you plenty of room to host family gatherings and friendly get togethers.  Our contemporary design mixes with timeless elegance, creating a beautiful balance that will never go out of style. Wickerson Hills will  begin its first phase soon, our model home shows what Jefferson Homes is capable of based on attention to detail and phenomenal designs infused with state of the art finishes.

Whether Traditional or Contemporary, Wickerson Hills provides exceptional designs and ideas and the model home proves that. Don’t miss out on this catered event because it will help you create a lifestyle experience through timeless architecture.